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Landscape Designer – Their Job and What They Do

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The other word for a landscape designer is landscape architect and these are the people that create and are responsible for aesthetic, orderly, outdoor areas for homes, businesses, universities and other organizations. A lot of landscape designers are graduates in the field of design and architecture and they don’t just simply hire one out of skill, they hire mostly because of the licensure.  

Usually, landscape designers have their own company named and produced by them while some others are working on firms or consultants. There are also some that dedicated their talent in design to the government but usually a landscaper’s job will be varying depending on the industry they are in. But usually the most essential and important job for a landscaper is the process of organizing the right plants, installing fixed structures, water features and managing other parts of the area not being noticed enough but has potential.  

There is an organization called Land Lovers. It’s an organization that highly recommends hiring people that are specifically from the landscaping trade. These designers use manual drawing or sometimes CAD software in their output. Landscape architects or designers often need to plan a budget so that the business can be profitable.  


There are different types of Landscape Designers and here are just some of them: 


  • Freelancer or Independent Architect/Designer 

This person either owns the landscape design business and works alone, or from time to time probably hires an intern or a helper. This person is the one responsible for planning, designing, completing and almost every aspect of the project. Since they are independent, they have to do their own paperwork, accounting and client meetings on their own 


  • Firms 

Architecture and Design Firms are the ones who employ landscape designers and usually they work with a senior designer or architect on big scale projects. They are the most common tag team, landscape designer and landscape architect.  


  • Governmental organizations  

A lot of towns and cities like Surrey are always in the search for landscaping designers. These people would be designated in designing the roadsides and partitions of the city. Landscape designers that also serve the city will be responsible for the design of parks and recreational places in that area. It’s their job to make the city as pleasing to the eye as possible.   

  • Garden Centers and Planting Nurseries 

A lot of Planting Nurseries and centers are usually handling the consultation of landscape designs to clientele. They are the ones who are most capable of giving out ideas and sketches the design for the clients especially ones with big projects and also offer installation jobs. The Landscape designers of nurseries and centers also give advice on horticulture, plant color and texture selection, walkway, furniture and irrigation systems.  


All of those being said, we know that a landscape designers are the ones responsible for bringing out the aesthetic of the landscape. These people can be either self-employed or have a firm handle them, and they can also work for the government.  

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