Protecting Your Trees from Woodpecker

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Without a doubt, trees add an excellent source of color and life to your lawn. It will improve the curb appeal of your house to make it more appealing, regardless of the variety or species. However, trees are also vulnerable to damage from animals. This is particularly true when it comes to woodpeckers.

These birds will drill their way into a tree using their strong bills. They do this in search of food. The holes left behind enable pests, mold, and bacteria to gain access to the tree. This will eventually kill the tree from the inside.

So, can you do something to protect your trees from these birds?

First of all, you might be wondering why woodpeckers drill holes in your trees even though they do not eat wood. Well, the truth is that your tree might contain insects and grubs inside. This offers a perfect meal for a starving woodpecker. This bird will knock its narrow and sharp beak against the bark of a tree until it produces a sizeable hole through which it can extract any food.

Aside from hiring tree service, here are a couple of ways to protect your tree from woodpeckers:

Scare Them Away

Scaring them away is one way to stop woodpeckers from damaging your trees. There are unique gadgets and devices that you can buy that frequently flash light to scare these birds away.

However, there is also a DIY solution. You can simply hang an old CD from a piece of string. The CD will produce a bright reflection as it dangles in the wind. This will scare away birds, such as woodpeckers.

Aside from that, loud sounds might also prove helpful in discouraging woodpeckers from victimizing your trees. Thus, you can actually play the CD rather than dangling it.

Utilize Bird Netting

Fortunately, there are a couple of various methods that you can do to protect your trees from these birds. Using bird netting is one method that you can use. Indeed, you have read it right. Bird netting exists for the purpose of keeping birds out of your tree.

If you cover your tree in bird netting, you can effectively keep flying pests and woodpeckers away. However, you have to keep in mind that this is not a feasible solution for big trees since it is hard to completely enclose a huge tree in bird netting.

Fixing Damage Done by Woodpeckers

However, what should you do if a woodpecker already has damaged the tree? Should you simply ignore it? Can you fix it?

First of all, you’ve got to take your time and check the tree. You have to look for the points of damage. A couple of individuals believe that it is ideal to fill the holes with glue to stop bacteria from gaining access.

But, this can harm your tree instead since it can trap bacteria inside. On almost every occasion, you can simply let the damage heal on their own. However, you’ve got to monitor it to ensure they aren’t being attacked by pests.

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